August 13, 2008

2% key, 98% confusion

The key to the women's bathroom in the Dupont Circle Starbucks is attached to an awkward 2% milk tin can. That single key works for both the women's and the men's bathrooms, in fact. So tonight, having drunk a liter of water and a huge Sapporo at dinner, I waited in front of the locked women's room not realizing that it was empty. Finally, a man came out of the men's room, handed me the key, I knocked, and I bolted inside. When I came out, another girl went in, only she didn't take the tin can key. She was a sneaky girl. A quick one. No one realized she came out, so a line formed outside the women's bathroom, along with the awkward tin can key. All the while, both bathrooms were empty. There has to be a better system. No wonder Starbucks is losing business - the tin can key method is flawed.


Rudi said...

Which of the many Dupont Circle Starbucks was this?

Anonymous said...

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